Acronis True Image 9 Not Compatible with Windows 98SE?

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Infopackets Reader "JS" writes:

" Dear Dennis,

Great job with your newsletter!

According to a post at, Acronis True Image 9 build 3633 does not run on Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) machines. Acronis has responded to the issue and plans to release a fix in the next update. Please advise your Windows 98 readers of this before they download True Image 9.

One last thing: I understand that the True Image 9 (TI9) discount expires tomorrow. Can you arrange to have the Acronis 9 discount apply to the version of TI9 which will support 98SE? I would hate to buy something that I can't use. Thanks! "

My response:

Thank you for this information concerning Win98SE and Acronis True Image.

Unfortunately I cannot extend the coupon. In this case I would suggest that you purchase True Image (with discount) immediately and wait for the update. In the mean time, you can contact Acronis directly and they will allow you to download an older version of True Image that works with 98SE. Refer to this post.

I have also read that True Image does not support direct DVD burning for Windows 98. This is more of Windows 98 issue than it is with True Image (because Windows 98 is obsolete). The good news is that Acronis support has reported to have a fix soon. For now it is possible to work around the issue. See this article:

Acronis True Image Can't Record Backups to DVD? (Solution)

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