'Fast Kake', and 'Power Meter Plus'

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Fast Kake

FastKake creates a set of handy and useful shortcuts which provide more control of your Windows operating system and will help simplify your computing life. There are shortcuts to quickly shutdown / reboot / standby / hibernate the computer, lock the desktop, and logoff the current user. There is also shortcuts to empty the recycle bin, close all windows, quickly compose and send an email, launch default browser, launch default email client, open/close your CD drive, disable/enable your screensaver, add/remove programs, device manager, search for files and folders, launch word, excel, PowerPoint, notepad, etc. FastKake is small in size (120kb), requires no installation and does not modify your system's registry.


Power Meter Plus

Replace the native battery power meter for Windows with a better one! Power Meter Plus has the following features: it gradually appears as the power levels drop; the lower the power, the more prominent the meter will be; when you're charging the laptop, it'll turn green and slowly disappear/fade as the charge increases. The meter appears either on the bottom left or bottom right of the screen and it moves to the opposite corner if you move your mouse over it. Neat!


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