Nvidia's 'Windows Vista Capable' Faces Lawsuit

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Nvidia, the manufacturer of PC graphics cards is facing a possible class action lawsuit over "designed for Windows Vista" claims with their new "Series 8 GPU" line after they announced that their 8800 graphics card series were "Windows Vista Capable."

The graphics cards were released before Windows Vista was officially released.

Nvidiaclassaction.info is gathering information from victims around the world who believe that Nvidia and their manufacturing partners deceived and defrauded them.

The site alleges that the graphic card was being sold for about $700 with the statement "Built for Microsoft Windows Vista" as part of the product features and capabilities pitch in their advertising. It goes on to say that when the cards were put on the market, Nvidia didn't have any drivers available for the Windows Vista operating system and were not supported when Vista was released. When "updated" drivers were released a few days later, they didn't work and "all hell broke loose."

Thousands of people have encountered multiple problems when they installed the hardware and the software. Many computers were rendered inoperable after being installed on a new Vista system while others kept getting multiple errors over and over, even when the computer was idle.

Nvidia has a 39 page forum (up and working at the time of this writing) with users having all kinds of problems with the hardware.

The claim further alleges that Nvidia purposely ignored their customers until March when Nvidia "came to its senses" and admitted that there is a severe problem, and that they were unable to provide a solution or any information regarding the problem.

The site is welcoming people who have had problems with their Nvidia hardware or software to post complaints.

The potential lawsuit comes on the heels of the Microsoft "Windows Vista Capable" lawsuit mentioned earlier this month. Somehow I have a feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there will be many more lawsuits to follow.

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