Windows Vista One Year Later

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One year after the release to manufacturing, Windows Vista has increased Microsoft's bottom line and, according to Microsoft, shipped 88 million copies.  Unfortunately, it isn't meeting larger expectations and reportedly hasn't made the kind of progress that was anticipated in the enterprise world.

A survey on Windows Vista adoption taken last month by Gartner Inc. compared to the exact same survey taken in October 2006 concluded that enterprises are 9-12 months behind their original expectations. "The uptake is much lower than expected" said Michael Silver, an analyst with Gartner Inc.

Explaining why corporations have fallen behind their original plans for Windows Vista adoption, he said corporations overestimated their vendors' abilities to get Vista-supported versions of their applications done. They also underestimated the difficulty of moving to Vista and the operating system's value.

According to Silver, Vista has done about what was expected for consumers but blames the slow adoption on Windows XP. "When you're coming from an OS that wasn't all that great, you don't notice the hiccups as much," Silver said, referencing the move from Windows Millennium to XP as a perfect example. "But when you're moving from something stable, like XP, and end with instability, everything is magnified."

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