Cheap printer with print head built onto cartridge?

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Infopackets Reader Brian P. writes:

" Hello Dennis,

My Epson printer has just given up on me and I suspect it may have a lot to do with the fact that I refilled my empty cartridges with generic ink, rather than replace them with cruelly expensive name-brand cartridges. As a result, my print head has gummed up to the point where I need to buy a new printer.

Having re-read your article regarding your printing experience with your Canon BJ-200, which is no doubt well out of date now [December 18, 2002], I wondered if you could recommend an inexpensive printer that's available on the market today which uses refillable cartridges that have their own print heads built onto the cartridge? "

My response:

As I mentioned in the original article, there are in fact many bubble-jet / ink-jet printers on the market today that sell for under $50 dollars. The printers are priced low because ink is consumable -- and in many cases, the name brand cartridges cost almost as much as the printer.

I have owned my Canon Bubble Jet BJ-200 printer for over 10 years now and it prints as good as the first day I bought it. The reason for this is because -- as Brian mentioned -- the print head is built onto the cartridge. Whenever I need to re-ink, I refill with generic ink. When the time comes and my print head needs to be replaced, I simply buy a new cartridge.

The truth is that I have never come across another printer similar to my BJ-200 for quite some time. Most of the printers I've seen today are designed to reach end of life within a short period of time because the print head is built onto the printer (and not the cartridge).

Yes, it is possible to clean the head of the printer, but this can be extremely aggravating and time consuming -- and certainly not a job for a newbie.

Does a Infopackets Reader know the answer to this question? If you know of / own an economy-class printer that has refillable cartridges with the print head built onto it? Send me your recommendation!

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