New Website Allows Forgetful People to Text Important Reminders

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If you've been keeping up with the latest news on, you might recall a recent article titled "Software That Improves... Wait, What Was it... Oh, Memory". The article reported that IBM and Microsoft were in the process of testing new software designed to improve individual memory.

While humans have been battling memory loss since the dawn of time, only now is software and technological resources being used to help us remember. Kwiry is the latest in a string of companies committed to help recall important information. The California-based company has launched an open beta website,, which allows users to leave themselves reminders via text messages.

All the individual has to do is open a personal account on the website and begin texting short reminders to 59479, or K-W-I-R-Y for those who are already experiencing trouble remembering.

Kwiry is unique because it is not only free to use (the user only pays the standard costs associated with sending a text message) but it also sends recommendations and related services associated with the reminder.

For example, if a user texts "credit card bill" to 59479, an email reminder will appear in the Kwiry account reminding the user to pay the bill, while also sending links to banks located in the vicinity and online options for Internet banking. (Source:

Kwiry is supported by advertisers and affiliated revenue. The company has recently paired with Netflix and Amazon, so that users can add movies and purchase books through their Kwiry account.

Why not just purchase materials through the Netflix and Amazon websites?

If you are driving to work and you hear an interesting author promote their latest book "The Great Disaster", you simply text "Amazon Great Disaster" to 59479 and the book will be automatically added to the Amazon queue in your Kwiry account. Kwiry will also send out confirmation emails and ask for verification if multiple search results turn up. (Source: Kwiry is hoping to add more advertisers to their site. The company receives revenue every time one of their users purchases a movie on Netflix or a book on Amazon.

Kwiry just has one simple reminder for those looking to open a new account: write down the password before you forget it!

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