Announcing Infopackets Video Reviews!

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I'm pleased to announce that we have added a new feature to Infopackets, called Video Reviews! Video Reviews will be used to supplement the information in our written software reviews, which we plan to do every 2 weeks.

Video Reviews: In the Future

The Video Review project is in beta stages and we will continue to provide this service as long as there is financial support from our users. Note that funds generated from software reviews account for a significant portion of Infopackets revenue. We use this money to pay our staff of writers, programmers, web hosting fees, and now video reviews ;-)

The first Video Review supplements our written review of Spyware Doctor With Antivirus, and was put together by Jennifer Johannesen. Jennifer did an amazing job with this video, and I'm sure you'll agree she is extremely talented.

With that said, click here to see the video review now!

Comments, Questions, Suggestions?

Your comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome: please tell us what you think of the video.

Don't forget: this deal on Spyware Doctor with Antivirus expires next Monday -- click here to read the review and download the software (free).

- Dennis

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