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Infopackets Reader Elisa W. asks, " I noticed that you've posted a link to the GoogleCash eBook. Could you tell me if GoogleCash is for real? It sounds too good to be true. Thanks for your newsletter. I really enjoy it. "

My response:

I've received quite a few questions from Readers concerning the GoogleCash eBook over the last few days. To answer your first question, let me start out by saying that I would never consciously permit a link to a product or web site that I thought was dubious, seedy, a scam, or unrelated to the material covered in our newsletter. If you've been reading this newsletter faithfully, then you know this to be true.

Having said that, I have already taken the time to review GoogleCash eBook (before allowing the link online the site), and I can confirm that the eBook is in fact legitimate.

RE: The Contents of the eBook

When I first started writing this newsletter back in 2001, I worked side-by-side with a self-proclaimed Guru, who has read just about every eBook on Internet Marketing. I have personally been engaged in plenty of Internet marketing campaigns to increase awareness of this web site, and can tell you first hand that the methods used in Chris Carpenter's GoogleCash eBook are tried, tested, and true.

In fact, I've been using the same methods Chris uses to create my own campaigns. The only difference is that Chris Carpenter's eBook explains everything I've learned in the last 3 years in a simple to follow guide. Plain an simple.

OK. How does GoogleCash work?

In the most basic sense, the GoogleCash eBook teaches you how to generate income through clicks using the Google AdWords system (even if you don't have a web site or a product of your own to sell).

As I mentioned before, Google AdWords are tiny ad placements located (and related) to a Google search query. For example, if someone searches for a Barbie Doll, and you have an ad for Barbie Dolls, your ad will be displayed. And because Google has over 250 million search queries a day, it's pretty easy to get clicks. To see an example of how all of this works, please click here.

How I personally use Google AdWords to generate Income

I use Google AdWords myself to drive traffic to to help grow our subscriber base. Once someone subscribe to the newsletter, the chances of selling online also increases because there are products advertised throughout our newsletter. The money generated helps to pay for the infopackets web servers (which now cost over $300 a month). I also use proceeds to replenish the cost of maintaining my Google AdWords, and the cycle repeats. In a similar respect, you could do the same.

OK. So, will you become a millionaire over night if you read GoogleCash?

Probably not. But with a little effort, you can surely generate income in your spare time, and that's what the GoogleCash eBook is all about.

Creating and testing ads are fun and easy, and there is little risk involved in starting up (you only need a credit card / debit card and $5.00 to start a Google AdWord account).

Now I know I haven't done much justice in explaining the meat and potatoes of Chris' eBook, but I hope I answered your question. For a complete run-down on how the GoogleCash eBook works, please visit the Chris Carpenter's web site.

Update 2005/09/17: The new version of GoogleCash (recently released for 2005) includes 24 videos you can watch online. Combined with Chris' GoogleCash eBook, no other Google revenue generating system is as complete!

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