More Windows XP Service Pack 2 questions?

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Infopackets Reader Tina D. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I am greatly anticipating the release of your Windows XP Service Pack 2 installation guide. According to my Automatic Updates, Service Pack 2 has already been downloaded onto my machine but not yet installed. I am iffy about installing SP2 largely because I have heard that it may not be compatible with some programs. Have you released the guide yet? Did I miss the announcement? I've checked your newsletter archive page but don't see anything pertaining to the release. "

My response:

As of this moment, the guide is 85% complete. I made a brief announcement about 2 weeks ago stating that the guide would be ready (sooner than I thought, in fact) -- but my schedule has undermined my efforts. I am going to do everything I can to finish the guide this week.

Since announcing that I would be compiling a SP2 guide, quite a few users have emailed me with questions (the count is now at 220). I just want to point out that I will address all of the questions on a personal basis (via email) once the eBook is complete. I will also set aside the best Q&A as part of the eBook release.

RE: Some programs are not compatible with Service Pack 2?

Although most users do not realize it, the one thing that causes the most apprehension with respect to Service Pack 2 is the new the Windows Firewall. In a nutshell, the job of the Windows Firewall is to restrict incoming communication to your computer (thereby decreasing the chance of getting "hacked" / infected by an Internet worm, or exploit). Some programs which rely on the Internet as part of their functionality may be affected by the Windows Firewall, but don't worry -- it's relatively simple to configure and I will certainly address this in the guide.

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