Survey: Majority of PC Buyers Plan to Wait on Win7

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A recent survey conducted by online retailer Retrovo reveals that the majority of PC buyers will take a "wait-and-see" approach before buying Windows 7. Microsoft insists that many of the problems plaguing Windows Vista have been fixed with Windows 7, but that remains to be seen.

Of the 448 respondents polled, 47 per cent of the PC users surveyed plan to read reviews of Windows 7 before upgrading their machines to Microsoft's new operating system. About 12 per cent of respondents plan to definitely upgrade and 38 per cent said they would not. A total of 3 per cent responded that they had already upgraded to Windows 7.

New PC Purchases after Win7 Release

448 people isn't a large number, but the indication that almost half of them will wait could mean a slow uptake to Microsoft's Windows 7.

According to Retrevo's survey, many consumers are holding off on buying new PCs until Windows 7 is available. 39 per cent of those polled intend to purchase a new computer after the new operating system is launched. (Source:

Most Businesses Lack Plans to Install Win7

As far as businesses go, 18 per cent of respondents to a straw poll conducted online at said their organizations plan to roll out Windows 7 within the next six months. 32 per cent plan to roll out Windows 7 within a year and 35 per cent said their organizations have no plans at all to install the new operating system.

About 9 per cent of the respondents to InformationWeek's poll said they plan to migrate to Windows 7 within two years, 4 per cent said their Windows 7 rollouts are underway and 2 per cent said they plan to wait for the first service pack.

Windows 7 Professional will retail for $299 for the full version and $199 for the upgrade version. Windows 7 Ultimate will retail at $319 for the full version and $219 for the upgrade version. Windows Home premium is set to retail at $219 for the full version and $119 for the upgrade version. The new operating system launches October 22, 2009. (Source:

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