XP SP2 eBook: New Project Announcement

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Now that my XP Service Pack 2 Fail-Safe Installation Guide has been completed, I've started working on a few new projects in addition to revamping the layout of our web site (an enormous endeavor that began approximately 5 months ago).

One of the new projects I started last week is an affiliate-tracking system that allows Infopackets Readers to resell our supplemental eBook and video tutorial guides.

For example: if you refer someone to our web site and they buy a supplemental tutorial (such as the Service Pack 2 Fail-safe Guide), you can generate 30% on each sale. At the introductory price of $24.95, that's $7.48 in your pocket for simply referring someone to our site. Good deal? You bet.

No web site required

As I discussed previously, you don't need a web site to promote products on the Internet -- so that means virtually anyone can resell our guides using promotional systems like Google's Adsense.

Using my Service Pack 2 guide as an example, there's plenty of potential for you to make a few extra bucks -- especially considering that: SP2 is such a critical update to Windows XP, is researched regularly in Search Engines (like Google), and there are currently no other guides on the Internet that come close to offering such a complete approach to installing SP2.

When the affiliate-tracking system is complete, I will announce the signup page to our list of subscribers. Among other things, I will be working on promotional material (such as a "pre-sell" page which visitors will see when they click on your affiliate link) and will also offer tips in the affiliate-membership area that you can use to help promote our guides. Essentially all you'll need to do is cut-and-paste the promo material using ad-generating systems like Google Adsense, activate your campaign, and sit back while people click on your link.

If you're interested in promoting our SP2 guide and have questions with respect to the affiliate system (or otherwise), you can contact me using the contact page on our site.

More about Google Adsense

If you haven't had a chance to learn about Google's Adsense system, I would highly recommend looking into Chris Carpenter's GoogleCash eBook (previously reviewed in our newsletter). To read last week's announcement about our Service Pack 2 Fail-Safe guide (if you missed it), click here.

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