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Infopackets Reader Konrad L. write s:

" Dear Dennis,

I'm writing you today because I am questioning the change of some content of your newsletter. Don't get me wrong -- the effort you have put into inter-linking the articles is very welcome. However, now all that seems to remain is just your educational articles. I.E.: where is the 'On This Day in History' section? What about the freeware picks from Shell Extension City? Change is good. But if some things ain't broken, why fix 'em? "

My response:

Konrad isn't the first person to ask me the question, so I'd imagine there's probably a lot more of you wondering the same.

The short answer is that the web site isn't finished yet. Things are getting moved around and I've only separated the article content from the newsletter. If it took me 8 months to get this far, you can imagine how much work is involved -- especially with all the experience I have. Also keep in mind that what you see online the web site (I.E.: 1 article displayed on 1 page) is not all that is happening in the background. I have to basically re-do everything that runs the web site, on top of answer emails, on top of researching and finding new material to write about.

It's going to take some time to get things in order, so please be patient. The reason for moving things (articles) into separate pages is six-fold:

1. The ability to move to RSS
2. Easier to find relative information in our online Search Engine
3. Easier for folks to find us in other search engines (google, yahoo, etc)
4. Open up the web site into a forum
5. Allow other authors to publish editorials through our site
6. Revamp the web site and make it more professional looking

Now if I had a mish-mosh of topics in 1 newsletter, you can see that any of the above scenarios just isn't possible. So hang in there, things will get done ... but I need time.

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