Sony PlayStation 4 Rumored To Ship In 2012

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A new report suggests that Sony is getting ready to start manufacturing the PlayStation 4 (PS4), and that the new console could be ready for store shelves sometime next year -- perhaps just in time for holiday season, 2012.

According to reports, the Japanese company is planning to have its Taiwan-based manufacturing partners start building its PlayStation 4 console later this year. It's also suggested that the new console will take full advantage of "body movement-based control," something very similar to Microsoft's very popular Kinect peripheral for the Xbox 360. (Source:

PlayStation 4 Shipment Date Unknown

It's believed early shipment volumes will be set for around 20 million units.

Whether or not that many systems sell in a short time will depend on consumer willingness to move away from the current generation of consoles. With the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 still churning out high-quality titles with gorgeous high-definition graphics, it may be a big challenge for Sony to convince gamers they need to spend another $400-$500 on a new system.

It's not yet certain when the PlayStation 4 will ship to retailers. It's entirely possible the manufacturing process could be a long one, and that gamers won't be playing it for another few years. That would fit with earlier predictions that both Microsoft and Sony would release new versions of the Xbox and PlayStation sometime in 2014.

PS4 Rumors Likely a Smokescreen

Releasing just a little bit of information on the PS4 could be a tactic by Sony to distract gamers from Nintendo's next-generation console, the Wii U, which it recently announced.

Nintendo Wii's successor should definitely reach consumers in 2012, perhaps giving it an advantage over Sony and Microsoft. By suggesting that the PS4 is in development, Sony is no doubt hoping fans of its console delay any plans to purchase a Wii U next year.

Gaming analyst Billy Pidgeon believes the PS4 talk is all just a smokescreen from Sony. "Sony definitely isn't launching a successor before 2014," Pidgeon said.

Meanwhile, Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) will resume global operations this week, finally restoring a system totally derailed by a devastating hack earlier this year. (Source:

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