Asus Windows 8 Tablet Uses New Dual-Core Intel Chip

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PC hardware companies Dell and Asus have doubled-down on their enthusiasm for Microsoft's upcoming operating system (OS), Windows 8. Both firms recently revealed plans for new devices running the much anticipated OS.

In a recent presentation at research firm Gartner's annual security and risk management conference, Dell chief executive officer Michael Dell expressed serious excitement about Windows 8.

He made clear that Dell will have a number of Windows 8 devices ready when the new Microsoft OS launches later in 2012.

Dell "Super Excited" Over Windows 8

Dell told the crowd that he is "super excited about Windows 8 and what [it] brings to touch computing and tablets," and that he believes the new OS will offer an "evolutionary path for Windows into tablets." (Source:

As for his company's involvement in building devices running Windows 8, Michael Dell had this to say: "You'll see us at launch, at Windows 8 launch, with a full complement of devices -- tablets, hybrids, convertibles -- you know every imaginable and maybe some unimaginable forms."

Noticeably absent from the list of Dell-built Windows devices: smartphones. Although it has been rumored for some time that Dell would begin producing those devices, the company's CEO said that's not going to happen soon.

"You're not going to see us in phones, not in terms of hardware," Dell said. (Source:

Asus Unveils New Windows 8 Tablet PC

Meanwhile, one of Dell's major rivals in the hardware market, Asus, is also gearing up for the Windows 8 launch. The company recently unveiled its Tablet 810 device, which runs Windows 8 on a brand-new, dual-core Intel processor called "Clover Trail".

The new processor is similar in design but reportedly much faster than Intel's Atom chip, which shipped inside most netbooks a few years ago.

Aside from the new Clover Trail processor, the Tablet 810 has other useful features, including dual cameras and what Asus calls a "SuperIPS+" display.

Many observers believe the Tablet 810 should allow Asus to compete with Apple, and SuperIPS+ with the iPad's Retina display.

So far, Asus has not announced when the Tablet 810 will become available, or how much it will cost. (Source:

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