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Since 2001, the Infopackets Windows Newsletter has become one of the premier tech resources on the 'net, chock-full of highly informative and well-sourced computing tips. In all, our library of in-depth tech tips stretches to over 875 articles to date.

So what makes so successful?

Every once in a while, someone new comes along and asks me what the secret is to having a successful web site. And every time I'm asked this question, I always chuckle, because I think back to almost 5 years ago when I asked that very same question.

Of course, the answer to having a wildly successful website is to listen to your web visitors. And that's what makes and the Infopackets Gazette what it is today.

So let me take a moment to say, "hats off!" to everyone for doing such a great job! It's the Readers that help make this publication possible, and for this, I am eternally grateful. Without your questions and suggestions, the Infopackets Gazette simply wouldn't have the depth and quality of information found in each and every issue.

It's been quite a journey --

And now I'm ready to take to the next level. And once again, I wouldn't be able to do it without the help and support of my Readers. So allow me to take a moment to bring some of you up to par with where our web site is heading.

In June of last year, I began making major changes to the web site. Some of these changes consisted of: picking apart each and every issue of our newsletter and moving articles onto separate pages, interlinking articles together so that related information can be found at the end of each article, revamping the search engine so that all articles can be easily researched, and adding new technologies (such as RSS) to the web site.

It was a tremendous amount of effort on my behalf, but the results speak for themselves. Immediately after making these changes, our web site statistics literally tripled overnight; and as of yesterday, a new record was set for the most visitors to hit our web site in a single day.

With all of this in mind, I'm reeling with anticipation by announcing that a new publishing system has been implemented online our web site. In short: I will be opening up to allow other authors to submit blog articles to our army of Readers.

Side note: A weblog (now more commonly known as a "blog") is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles ... Blogs range in scope from individual diaries to arms of political campaigns, media programs, and corporations. They range in scale from the writings of one occasional author, to the collaboration of a large community of writers. Many weblogs enable visitors to leave public comments, which can lead to a community of readers centered around the blog; others are non-interactive. (Source:

Help needed from Infopackets Readers (or should I say, "Writers?")

Of course, it will take a little effort to get the blog rolling, so I'm asking for some kind souls to voluntarily step forward. If you think you've got some interesting and insightful news to share with the rest of the infopackets community, please send me a quick letter stating so.

Your articles don't need to be scholarly; however: grammar, spelling, the use of full sentences, and the ability to convey your thoughts in a straightforward manner are an absolute must!

Bloggers: Wanted

Right now we're looking for folks who can submit articles that relate to: tech news around the web, Spyware and virus issues, anything to do with MS Windows or Microsoft, computing, the Internet, freeware program favorites, and other technology / computing mentionables.

If you've already got a blog-style web site and would like to gain extra exposure from our army of Readers, this is a perfect opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas -- and to gain some extra traffic to your site. As an option, all blog authors can link back to their web site in return for sharing their content.

That being said, if you're interested in blogging, you can contact me using the link below. Please be sure to detail what type of blog articles you'd be submitting. Thanks!!

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