Bigger, Curved iPhone Coming in 2014: Report

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A new report suggests Apple is developing two new technologies for its iPhone device: larger, curved screens and enhanced sensors. It's expected the iPhones featuring these changes will be available this time next year.

The story does not come directly from Apple (in fact, Apple spokesperson Natalie Kerris declined to comment on the rumors). Instead, the report comes from Bloomberg News, which says it has learned of the changes from someone "familiar with the plans."

First Apple 'Phablet' Coming in 2014?

The source says Apple is planning to unveil 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone screens. The latter display rivals the 5.7-inch Samsung 'Galaxy Note 3' and would give Apple an entry in the "phablet" market, which blends smartphone and tablet technologies. (Source:

The Galaxy Note 3 was released by Samsung this past September. (Source:

The source adds that the new screens will also feature a unique shape, with glass displays curving downward around the edges. This would be the first time Apple has departed from the standard flatscreen shape.

This too is becoming a new trend in the smartphone market. LG will soon release its 'G Flex' smartphone, which features a curved shape from top to bottom.

Bloomberg's source also says new iPhones are being built with special sensors that are capable of detecting different levels of pressure.

It's possible such technology could be used to allow an iPhone to perform unique functions depending on a light or heavy touch of the display.

The source says these technologies are currently in development and that official plans for production have not yet been made. However, the source indicated that curved displays and new sensors could be available by the third quarter of 2014.

Apple Facing Tough Holiday Sales Period

One thing's for certain: there's lots of pressure on Apple to revive consumer interest in the iPhone. Experts have already suggested that the 2013 holiday sales period could be Apple's slowest since 2008, shortly after the ongoing global recession took shape.

Of course, it's hardly alone in facing a difficult holiday sales period. Samsung has said that it expects this quarter's smartphone shipments to drop from the previous quarter. (Source:

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