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Facebook User Tracking Prompts $15B Privacy Lawsuit

Just as its shares are hitting the stock market for the very first time, Facebook has been hit with a massive $15 billion lawsuit. The suit was recently filed in California by law firm Stewarts Law US. It's a class action suit that pools a total of ... 21 different suits from across the United States, and involves the way the company, newly valued at more than $100 billion, tracks its members after they've logged out of their accounts. Federal, State Privacy Acts Allegedly Violated The $15 billion request for damages and penalties is based on provisions in the federal Wiretap Act which say that ... (view more)

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Steve Jobs Action Figure Creeps Out Tech Industry

Walter Isaacson's written biography of Steve Jobs is arguably one of the most popular non-fiction books of this past holiday season. It's no surprise, then, that others are searching for more ways to profit from Jobs' rampant popularity. Just months ... after his untimely death, a new action figure that appears eerily reminiscent of Jobs is receiving mixed reviews from thoroughly creeped-out observers in the tech industry. The action figure, manufactured by the Chinese firm "In Icons," is twelve inches tall and showcases all of the famous Steve Jobs trademarks, including his New Balance ... (view more)

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New Korean Robot Responds to Non-Verbal Commands

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have created a robot prototype that is able to accurately respond to human directions by identifying and reacting to simple motion commands. In a recent demonstration, a ... scientist pushed a toy car and tossed a ball in the direction of the prototype. Confused, the robot flashed a question mark on an attached screen. Without saying a word, the scientist made a throwing motion with his hand and the prototype responded by tossing the ball back to him and ignoring the car. Core System Mirrors Human Brain Activity The ... (view more)

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Undoing in MS Office

Most of us are aware of the Undo command in MS Office. Boy! It can really save your bacon when you have somehow managed to foul up something in the Office application you are using. Jensen Harris, who is highly placed in the MS Office User ... Experience Team says that Undo is the fourth-most used command in MS Word! There are multiple undo commands in practically all of the Office applications, with matching multiple Redo to undo what you just undid! There are, however, limits to how many undo actions you can take. Starting with the latest version of Office though, MS Office 2007, there is an ... (view more)

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Mouse Computing

A mouse is a handheld pointing device for computers, involving a small object fitted with one or more buttons and shaped to sit naturally under the hand. The underside of the mouse houses a device that detects the mouse's motion relative to the flat ... surface on which it sits. The mouse's 2D motion is typically translated into the motion of a pointer on the display. A mouse is called a 'mouse' primarily because the cord on early models resembled the rodent's tail, and also because the motion of the pointer on the screen can be mouse-like. In popular usage, the plural can be either mice or ' ... (view more)

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