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Move Windows onto Another PC using Backup?

Infopackets Reader 'Larenal' writes: " Dear Dennis, I want to be able to backup my entire laptop's hard drive (including the Windows Registry ) and in case I have to change my laptop, I'd like to be able to restore the image in the new computer. Is ... this possible with Acronis True Image? Thank you. " My response: This is a great question. There is a workaround -- but unfortunately the scenario you've asked isn't possible. Here's why: You want to transfer MS Windows onto another PC. This isn't allowed by Microsoft because they want you to obtain a separate license for every PC you own. I've ... (view more)

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Vista Upgrade DVD Trick: Clean Install Vista Without Previous OS

It's a fact: a clean install of Windows is *always* preferable to upgrading a new version over top of a previous Windows installation. Why is this so? The answer is three words: The Windows Registry. For example: when you install and uninstall ... programs to a Windows PC, things get added to the Registry -- the 'heart' of the Windows Operating System. The Registry is a complex database that keeps track of installed programs, program preferences, user data, operating system settings, and the like. However, over time, some programs may not install or uninstall properly, and the Registry becomes ... (view more)

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