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Moving Around in a Workbook: MS Excel

When you begin a new workbook, the "active cell" is located at the top-left corner of the worksheet (in Cell A1). To create your worksheet or make changes to it, you must move around in it. Getting around in a worksheet quickly is the mark of an ... experienced Excel user. You want to learn the quickest way to get from place to place so you can use your time more efficiently. Keyboard Shortcuts for Moving Around in a Worksheet You can move around in the worksheet by pressing the arrow keys and other direction keys on the keyboard. When you use the keyboard to move around in the ... (view more)

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Use AutoSum: MS Excel

Suppose your Excel worksheet has a long list of numbers to add. You can sum them instantly using Excel's AutoSum feature. Don't count on your fingers or pull out a calculator; Excel can calculate more quickly and accurately. Even more importantly, ... whenever a number changes, Excel instantly recalculates and displays the corrected sum. You can use either of these two methods to total the numbers using Excel: Click the cell below the list to make it the active cell. Click the AutoSum button. Excel surrounds the cells it thinks you want to total with a moving border. Press Enter or click the ... (view more)

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