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Say Goodbye to the Roboform Toolbar in Firefox. Here's why

Infopackets Reader Dan L. writes: " Dear Dennis, I imagine that you might soon be hearing from your users about Roboform having suddenly lost its toolbar feature in FireFox. If not, here's the answer: starting with the recently issued Roboform ... 8.3.7, the RoboForm extension will no longer include a full static toolbar above the content pane of Firefox . Instead, you get a button with a message that reads ("Click this button to show RoboForm commands") with a vertical menu, similar to how Roboform works in Chrome. I found an article at RoboForm that explains the changes - and it seems that ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Make Firefox Faster; Enable Multi-Processor Support

Infopackets Reader Jesse T. writes: " Dear Dennis, A friend of mine told me that the new version of Firefox is a lot faster, but requires special configuration changes in order to get the speed boost. Do you know what she is referring to? How can I ... make my Firefox faster? " My response: Your friend is correct - the latest edition of Mozilla Firefox (version 48) includes a major overhaul to allow for multi-processor support, though it may not be enabled by default on some systems. That is because some systems may use older add-ons that may interfere with the multi-processor support feature, ... (view more)

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Edge Browser Slowly Improving

Microsoft's Edge browser has had a couple of usability tweaks in response to user feedback. However, some planned and hoped-for improvements are yet to materialize. The two changes are showcased in a test preview of Windows 10 that's available to ... people who have signed up for early access to new features, so it may be a little while before they are available to the general public. The first change is the addition of synchronized bookmarks, a feature common in other browsers. Edge users will now be able to access and update bookmarks across multiple devices as long as they are signed ... (view more)

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How to Remove Spotify - The Definitive Guide

Infopackets Reader Cliff H. writes: " Dear Dennis I can't seem to figure out how to remove Spotify from my computer (it's best known as a music streaming app commonly used on smartphones, though I'm using it on my Windows PC). Online forums suggest ... I am just one of thousands enraged by the behavior of Spotify, which insists on launching in my web browser whenever the PC is restarted. It seems there is no way to uninstall Spotify, even though I've unchecked Spotify from the Windows Startup. I have tried third-party startup solutions such a ccleaner, etc, but nothing has ... (view more)

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