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NBC Turns to Amazon

NBC Universal is not wasting any time sulking over their recent failure to reach a deal with Apple Inc. that would see the company offer shows from their hit fall lineup on the iTunes website. NBC Universal officially announced that all of the ... episodes for the new fall season will be made available on the Amazon Unbox digital downloading service. Amazon Inc. and NBC Universal have signed a lucrative contract that will see NBC television shows selling at $1.99 per episode on Unbox. New episodes are promised to be consistently uploaded onto the website the day after they air on network ... (view more)

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IBM Sues Amazon for Patent Infringment

Besides increased efficiency, widespread access to information, and improved communication, the advent of the Internet brought something else: confusion over legal rights. Recently, IBM joined the slew of snubbed patent owners and filed two lawsuits ... against, citing patent infringement. (Source: ) The lawsuits, which were filed in U.S District Court in Texas, allege that Amazon is using five IBM patents at the core of their operations. Ari Fishkind, Public Affairs Manager at IBM, stated that the patents "include technology that help present applications, store data, ... (view more)

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Amazon Reveals Likely Vista Release Date

Although many are eagerly anticipating the release of Microsoft's new operating system (OS), Windows Vista, don't expect to ring in the New Year with it. Although Microsoft has been working feverishly to get Vista out within the first few days of ... 2007, a post for the operating system on has the product listed for January 30. (Source: ) Vista is of course Microsoft's number one project as it juggles goals for the coming year. The Redmond-based company recently assigned its upcoming personal digital music player, the "Zune", to Toshiba for manufacturing, perhaps as a ... (view more)

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Rumor Has It: Amazon to Launch Online Movie Downloads

Amazon, the venerable online retailer best known for selling books, CDs, and DVDs, is said to begin offering downloadable films and television shows to Web users next month. A source close to the offering confirmed rumors that Amazon Digital Video ... will allow users to download video either on a pay-per-view basis or by subscription, where a one-time fee is paid to view movies over a certain time period. (Source: ) This news follows closely on the heels of last week's rumors that Apple is heading in the same direction. Competing with Apple? This is not the first time that news has ... (view more)


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