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Anti-Spyware that Installs Spyware

Imagine this: news spreads on countless websites that a new form of Spyware is threatening computers on a global scale. Fearful that your system may have been recently compromised, you hop on over to Google and do a search for anti-spyware tools. ... You find one that looks promising, click the link to download the anti-spyware program, and... POW! You're immediately hammered with a big red popup claiming that your machine has been infected and you must buy an application to fix it. Welcome to the world of anti-spyware scams. With the latest variant of this scam, Spyaxe, for which Nick recently ... (view more)

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AntiSpyware: First Time Basics

You've just come home with your new computer. How delightful! Now you're ready to surf the web and download some music -- legally of course -- and send out a few emails to family and friends. As you're about to plug in the networking cable you ... remember something the sales associate mentioned. "Be sure and get some anti-spyware and security stuff". "Bah," you figure. The guy is just trying to sell you more that you don't want or need, right? Onward you go, dismissing the comment and salivating as Google pulls up page after page of amazing information about things you never knew ... (view more)

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