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Photo Kiosks Spread Viruses, Admits Woolworths

An Australian supermarket chain has admitted it has found viruses on its self-service photo kiosks. The company is now working on adding anti-virus software to the machines. The incident involves Big W outlets, part of the Woolworths chain. It has ... 1,800 kiosks that allow users to print their own photographs direct from a digital source. One customer, who unfortunately for the chain writes a blog about computer security, found that after using a kiosk his USB stick was infected with a Trojan horse. The Trojan soon after prepared to attack his computer by disabling antivirus programs, and ... (view more)

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Sales of Fake Antivirus (Scareware) Up 225% in 2008

A recent report by the BBC News claims that makers of rogue anti-virus software are making as much as $10,800 a day from selling their dubious fake security software to unknowing computer users. (Source: ) A typical scenario: a user ... misspells a web address in a browser and is instantly redirected to a forged web page. From there, the visitor is bombarded with bogus popup warnings claiming that the visitor's PC is infected with malicious programs. The warnings say you'll need to download and pay for anti-virus software costing about $50 to clean up the (non-existent) infection. This ... (view more)

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