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Google Battles Facebook Over Email Contacts

Google plans to bar other companies from accessing information in its Gmail service, even with user permission. There's suspicion the scheme is designed to increase competition between Google and social media services such as Facebook. Facebook is ... actually one the best examples of how the change will apply in action. At the moment, when a new user signs up to the site, Facebook asks if they want to import their contacts list from their email account. If they do so, Facebook then cross-references this list, finds anyone who is already on Facebook, and asks if the user wants to add them as an ... (view more)

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'Got Api', and 'Vqmanager'

Got Api GotApi.com is a quick developer reference for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, SQL and more. http://www.gotapi.com/index.html Vqmanager Vqmanager allows you to monitor VoIP, as well as Voice Management IP Telephony Monitoring. ... http://manageengine.adventnet.com (view more)

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Application Programming Interface

An application programming interface (API) is the interface that an application provides in order to allow requests for service to be made of it by other computer programs, and/or to allow data to be exchanged between them. For instance, a computer ... program can (and often must) use its operating system's API to allocate memory and access files. Many types of systems and applications implement API's, such as graphics systems, databases, networks, web services, and even some computer games. API: Description One of the primary purposes of an API is to provide access to a set of commonly-used ... (view more)

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More Security Issues concerning the new Windows Firewall

Recall -- Yesterday, I posted a comment on the fact that the new Windows Firewall (present in XP Service Pack 2) does not monitor outgoing traffic. As we discovered, this is especially problematic for Spyware attacks, as it may be possible for a ... Spyware program to extract personal information from your computer and relay it to a third party -- all without you knowing about it. Infopackets Reader Tom M. writes: " Dennis: [in reference to your original article], you mused as to why Microsoft hasn't followed the ideology of full firewall protection. Might I cynically speculate that it may ... (view more)

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