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MS Unveils All-Star Dev Roster for Mobile Marketplace

Microsoft's highly anticipated Windows Mobile application store has yet to launch, but the company has effectively stirred the tech market into a frenzy with the recent unveiling of several notable supporting developers at the CTIA Wireless trade ... show in Las Vegas yesterday. (Source: ) The list includes a number of recognizable names for anyone with a computer or a game console. Among the most notable developers currently working on apps are news and weather networks: Associated Press CNBC Video game developers and retailers: Electronic Arts (EA) Mobile Gameloft ... (view more)

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'Fast Explorer', and '5 Free Apps To Clone Your Hard Drive'

Fast Explorer Add, Customize and Clean Up Context Menu Items of Files and Folders/ This handy utility allows you to manage context menus items. Fast Explorer handles both static and dynamic context menu items and can assist with even more. With Fast ... Explorer, you can create new context menu items, submenus (cascaded menus), dividers, and optionally specify menu bitmaps and hint text. For ultimate control over dynamic context menu items added from within Fast Explorer you can define your own look and feel using the custom-drawing feature. Fast Explorer-driven context menu items can be ... (view more)

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'25 Must-Have Thumb Drive Apps For Geeks', and 'Mazzick'

25 Must-Have Thumb Drive Apps For Geeks With traveling and use of many different computers, many geeks often find a need to have a uniform set of tools handy wherever we may be. Here is a list of 25 invaluable portable applications that can be ... installed on a Thumb Drive. Mazzick MaZZick is a portable app which will let you do simple or complicated every-day tasks like launching files or folders, doing a google search, typing a phrase, copying, deleting, closing windows. Today's fresh software picks were provided courtesy of Bob ... (view more)

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'Speed Up Windows Vista', and 'Launch Apps Using The Scroll Wheel Button'

Speed Up Windows Vista If you're unhappy with the speed of Microsoft's newest and most controversial operating system, Vista, on a machine where Windows XP used to scream, these tips will help. ... Launch Apps Using the Scroll Wheel Button Registry Hack! Assign any applications to the scroll wheel button. (view more)

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'Cfd Button', and '100 Portable Apps For Usb'

Cfd Button Makes the common windows Open and Save dialog easier to use. 100 Portable Apps For USB This stuff can be installed on any portable drive, like a USB thumb drive, PDA or iPod. You can use them at work, ... school, or any other place where you can plug in your device. Check them out, you can scroll-down for categories like office software, email tools, messengers, games, etc. While there are more apps for Windows users, a Mac version for each essential tool is included. (view more)

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'Atsiv', and '55 Portable Apps For Making A Usb Super Stick'

Atsiv Run unsigned drivers without rebooting with special boot options or denial of service under Vista. Atsiv is a command line tool that allows the user to load and unload signed or unsigned drivers on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Windows ... 2K3 and Windows Vista. Atsiv is designed to provide compatibility for legacy drivers. 55 Portable Apps For Making A Usb Super Stick USB flash is not (yet) a portable PC whereby any USB KVM monitor is your work station, but it will get there. In the mean time, making the most of your USB ... (view more)

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Facebook Saturated With Apps

Not long ago, reluctantly reported news that Facebook had decided to allow its website partners to create their own applications. Why worry? Concern that the clean and simple interface would be overrun by countless applications aimed ... at gathering user info for advertising purposes, that's why. Now, less than one month into Facebook's app venture, it looks like our fear may be coming true. (Source: ) Amit Gupta, the host of Wednesday's Facebook Developer Meetup event in New York City, said "I definitely think that people are initially going to run into 'app ... (view more)

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'Portable Apps Suite', and 'New-Ext'

Portable Apps Suite PortableApps Suite is a collection of portable apps including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, Sudoku game, backup utility and integrated menu, all preconfigured ... to work portably. Just drop it on your portable device and you're ready to go. New-Ext New-ext extends Windows Explorer context menu with a number of commands that create a directory based on a template you configure. The new folder name is based on the template string and current date. You may find new-ext useful even ... (view more)


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