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Archiving eBook and Video Ultimate Guide

Tuesday's feature article of the Infopackets Gazette Newsletter made a very brief mention of a new downloadable eBook and Video Tutorial that I've been working on. The idea to create the tutorial was spawned from our recent newsletter discussions ... about archiving software. I've decided to take a time-out from my regular featured articles to announce that the Archiving eBook and Video Ultimate Guide is now complete. What did you say archiving was, exactly? From the eBook: " Typically, archival software is used to 'glue' multiple files together into a single, smaller file. As the files are ... (view more)

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Archival Software -- WinZIP, WinRAR, WinACE

Today I received an email from Rose J. who recently downloaded my video tutorial and eBook on How to Install / Reinstall Windows: " I need to [copy your] video on to a disk, and I can't seem to do that. Can you explain the procedure in detail? " At ... first, I thought Rose was asking about how to burn the files to a CD Recordable. I later out found that she doesn't have a CD recorder, and she wanted to use her floppy disk drive to back up the files. That makes things a bit difficult, since the tutorial is almost 19 megabytes in size. Before I go into instruction on how this would be ... (view more)

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