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Billion Dollar Cyber Crime Chief Finally Caught

A man has been arrested for allegedly stealing more than a billion dollars in cyber attacks. The tactics were so outlandish, they almost sounded like the words used by Richard Pryor's character in Superman III. The unnamed man was arrested in Spain ... after an investigation that involved officials from six countries on three continents plus private cyber security firms. The man is alleged to have led a gang that attacked more than 100 banks and other financial institutions around the world. The gang has been operating for at least three years using three forms of malware, known as Anunak, ... (view more)

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Smartphones Could Replace Cards at ATMs

A British bank is testing ATMs that let customers take out money using their phone rather than a bank card. It says the technology could be safer than using a card because there's less room for hackers to steal details. Withdrawing money without a ... card isn't a completely new idea. One rival bank already allows users to get cash out using a smartphone app that generates a unique code that they can then type in to the phone to get money. The idea is to remove the need to carry a card, for example on a night out. The new system from Barclays would be even quicker to use however, and ... (view more)

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Cyber Attacks on Businesses Doubled in 2014: Report

A new report suggests that hackers took aim at twice as many businesses in 2014 when compared to the previous year. The report comes from Russian security company Kaspersky Lab; its Global Research and Analysis Team says it detected seven major ... advanced persistent threats (or APTs) over the past twelve months, resulting in approximately 4,400 attacks targeting private sector organizations in an estimated 55 countries. Kaspersky researchers say that's more than double the roughly 1,800 corporations targeted by cybercriminals in 2013 . Sophisticated Attacks May Be Supported by National ... (view more)

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Fake ATM Nabbed by Defcon 'Hackers' in LA

You might not call it the traditional hack, but law enforcement officers in Las Vegas have reportedly removed a suspicious ATM (Automated Teller Machine) after security experts attending the DEFCON 17 conference noticed something strangely peculiar ... about its design. The ATM in question was located at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, not far from the DEFCON 17 conference, an annual gathering of international hackers and security experts. Those attending the conference -- and let's face it, they're the type that would notice this kind of behavior before anyone else -- realized early on that ... (view more)

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