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Judge Questions IP as Evidence in Raunchy Case

Until recently, courts of law have had the power to force Internet Service Providers to hand over customer details based on IP (Internet Protocol) address information, which is used to identify a user connected to the Internet. But now one judge has ... refused to make such an order, questioning the accuracy of the method. An IP is a number that identifies a particular device such as a computer or a router connected to a network. In theory, there is a straight correlation between one device and one IP address. In practice, though, a single IP address does not necessarily mean one computer or one ... (view more)

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Apple Rakes in 47% of October Desktop PC Revenue: Report

Apple fanboys are bursting with pride this morning after a report emerging yesterday found that of all retail desktop revenue in the U.S. during the month of October, almost half went towards Apple -- a rather large jump over the previous year. ... According to industry analysts NPD, a total of 47.7 per cent of all desktop computer revenue went towards the purchase of Macs. That's up almost 15 per cent from the previous October (33.44 per cent). (Source: ) NPD: Market Conditions Weighted in Apple's Favor How can we explain the hike in Apple sales? NPD vice president of industry ... (view more)

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