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Blind Man Wins Case Over Dominos App, Site

A court says Dominos Pizza must make it easier for blind people to order online. It said legal principles should be applied, even though specific regulations aren't yet in place. The case was brought by would-be customer Guillermo Robles who ... attempted to use an iPhone to place an order. Although blind, he is able to browse websites using the iPhone's built-in screen reader software. According to Robles, both the Dominos app and website lacked "alt-text" labels, which are text that describe an image and which can be read out by the screen reader. Robles said the specific missing descriptions ... (view more)

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Google Shows Off its Self-Driving Car

For those who despise the morning automobile commute, take heart: Google has been developing a self-driving car that can let you kick back and relax while your vehicle takes care of getting you safely and quickly to your destination. In a recent ... video posted to the web, Google shows its self-driving car carrying a legally blind man around the block. And it works. Google's program to develop such a car has been going on for several years. Now, the company has unveiled an iteration of its self-driving car that is capturing the imagination of technology fans around the world. Self-Driving Car ... (view more)

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A Search Engine For The Blind: Google Unveils Accessible Web Search

Google has just unveiled Accessible Web Search , a search engine for the visually-challenged. Here's how it works: Regular Google sorts search results primarily by how relevancy, but Accessible Search takes it a step further by also listing pages ... will that will be easy for the blind to navigate. To meet Google's Accessible Web Search criteria, a web Site has to be "visually simple." That means it should contain few images, work well even if those images are turned off, and can be navigated primarily with a keyboard. (Source: ) Before Google Accessible Web Search, searching the ... (view more)

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