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Microsoft Security Action Arouses Major Controversy

Security experts say they're upset with Microsoft after the Redmond, Washington-based firm recently took actions to disable botnets associated with the 'Citadel' malware. The problem: Microsoft also disrupted important research being carried out by ... security experts. Citadel is a form of keylogging malware used by hackers to steal login information and passwords, thereby giving cybercriminals access to banking accounts and other web services. It's estimated that more than one thousand botnets were using the Citadel malware to carry out cybercriminals' attacks. At the time Microsoft acted on ... (view more)

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Symantec: File-Sharing, Social Web Target PCs for Spam Botnets

While it is no secret that spam and botnet attacks are becoming more sophisticated with each passing day, there are a number of advanced security software programs that have been able to effectively combat malware in most of its forms. In spite of ... these positive strides, Symantec recently revealed new information that suggests botnets are adapting new methods of attacking computers. In short, a botnet is a jargon term used to describe a network of computers under the control of 1 (or few) users. For example, a PC can become part of a botnet when the primary user inadvertently download and ... (view more)

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Windows Botnet Infections On the Rise, says Microsoft

According to a recent report from Microsoft, the Redmond-based software company removed 6.5 million botnets from Windows machines during the first period of 2010 -- which is more than double the number eliminated by the firm over the same period in ... 2009. Botnets Used to Spam, Spread Malware, Steal Secrets In simple terms, a botnet (or "robot network") is a group of infected PCs that are under control of a few (or 1) individual. Typically, a PC becomes infected by visiting a malicious website, or by opening a malicious file or email. Once a computer is infected with botnet malware, ... (view more)

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