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Brokeback Bully: Boys Kiss Each Other In New Video Game

Rockstar Games has done it again! The company behind the controversial Grand Theft Auto titles has broken new ground with its latest PlayStation 2 release, "Bully." In the game, you play a 15-year-old boy named Jimmy, who lives in a stuffy boarding ... school. Just for the record, your character is not a bully -- as the title of the game might mislead you into believing. Instead, you stand up to the big, bad troublemakers throughout the course of the game. Indeed, getting into fights and dealing with cliques are synonymous with most school experiences -- and they're both represented in Bully. But ... (view more)

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The Bully Lawsuit: Florida Attorney Sues To Stop Release of Controversial Game

Has Florida lawyer Jack Thompson been in the hot sun too long? Or was he the victim of a childhood bully? Whatever the case may be, Thompson is now targeting a bully of a different kind -- the controversial new PS2 game, Bully. Bully is being ... released by Rockstar Games (Take-Two Interactive), the company behind the much-debated Grand Theft Auto titles. Rockstar got into huge trouble last year when a hidden sex mini-game known as "hot coffee" was uncovered in the PS2 and PC versions of GTA: San Andreas. The reason for the controversy: the "hot coffee" segment -- initially believed to be ... (view more)

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