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Burger King Hijacks Home Gadget for Ad

Burger King has cheekily used a Google gadget to advertise its products. But the way it did so is pretty risky and could easily backfire. The stunt came in a television advert that contained a command for Google's Home device. That's a voice ... activated speaker that lets the user ask questions, control home devices, set alarms and other useful (and sometimes purely trivial) activities. While similar technology exists on many Android phones, those are usually set to recognize and respond only to the user's voice, including listening out for the trigger phrase "Okay Google" ... (view more)

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Anonymous' Twitter Account Hacked: Report

It seems like high-profile Twitter accounts have been under siege in recent days. The newest victim: 'hacktivist' group Anonymous. Anonymous has made headlines over the past few years for a series of attacks on major businesses and government sites. ... The group -- which has no formal structure and is made up of individuals largely acting independently -- practices what's known as 'hacktivism,' or politically-charged hacking. Although Anonymous doesn't have an official spokesman, members do issue public statements through a series of social media accounts, including @Anon_Central on Twitter. ... (view more)

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Hackers Bypass Twitter Security; Attack Burger King

Fast food restaurant Burger King has had its Twitter account hacked and defaced by hacktivist group LulzSec. The organization, which has claimed responsibility for a number of high-profile hacks in the past few years, posted false information to the ... Burger King Twitter page. According to reports, around noon Eastern Time on Monday, February 18, 2013, the @BurgerKing account name was changed to "McDonalds," while the familiar McDonald's logo was splashed across the screen. In addition, LulzSec added false information indicating that Burger King had been purchased by its primary fast food rival ... (view more)

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