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Comparing Processor performance (desktop and laptop PCs)?

Infopackets Reader Len M. writes: " Dear Dennis, Can you tell me what AMD mobile processor compares to the mobile Celeron 2.8, or where I can find a comparison chart? I am not used to working with Celerons and have just bought a used Toshiba ... Satellite Laptop-SA35-S1593 and it seems slow. It was new in January of 2004 from CompUSA. My online searches show AMD Athlon 3200 running at 2400, the Celeron runs at 2800? The Celeron laptop should be quite quick then?! " My response: First, note that some notebooks will run at 1/2 their speed (also called "speed stepping") if you ... (view more)

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Processor History

This week I received a question from one of our visitors which asked, "What is the difference between the Pentium, Celeron, and Athlon processors?" To best answer this question, we must first understand a bit of processor history, starting with ... Intel's flagship processor, the Pentium. In 1993, Intel brought the PC to a new level with the Pentium processor. The first Pentium processor ran at an astounding 60 Mhz, had 3.3 million transistors, and performed 100 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS). Although no one today refers to the first Pentium processor as a Pentium 1, it is the ... (view more)

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