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Stats Canada: Online Shopping Not Preferred Amongst Most Canadians

Statistics Canada announced that Canadians only purchased $7.9 billion worth of goods and services over the Internet in 2005. This figure is rather low, considering that $762 billion was spent on online goods and services worldwide in the same year. ... (Source: ) Other data revealed that nearly 7 million Canadians 18 years or older placed actual online orders, while in excess of 9 million Canadians logged on primarily to browse the products available. The most common online purchases included hotel reservations and car rentals, followed by books, magazines and various ... (view more)

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Canadians Pay CD R Levy Survey Shows Opinion

Here's one for the "Did You Know" (or care) file: Canadians pay extra for their rewritable CDs with the understanding that the end use will be justified. This means that for every CD-R sold, a small levy of twenty-one cents is forwarded to the ... Canadian music industry. According to source, a recent survey of Canadians showed that my countrymen (and women) on average support the tax and the silent understanding of what the end result might be. But, not everyone does. Many voices within the Canadian music industry see the tax as a sort-of license to "ill" (thank you, Beastie Boys...who are not ... (view more)

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