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Comcast to Reinstate Bandwidth Caps: Fair or Foul?

It appears as if one of the largest cable and home Internet service providers in the United States is planning to reinstate monthly bandwidth limits on its many customers. The news is raising new and old questions about net neutrality , Internet ... fairness, and bandwidth usage caps in general. Recently, Comcast executive vice president David Cohen told a New York audience that his company plans to reinstate monthly bandwidth caps sometime in the next five years. Bandwidth Cap System More Fair, Says Exec Bandwidth is loosely defined as is a measurement of available or consumed data communication ... (view more)

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'GPU Caps Viewer', and 'Create Video Card Profiles'

GPU Caps Viewer GPU Caps Viewer is an OpenGL graphics card utility for Windows XP and Vista (32/64-bit). This tool offers quick view of the graphics configuration, display of the main OpenGL capabilities, display of the OpenGL extensions supported ... by your graphics card, or even the display of all existing OpenGL extensions. Create Video Card Profiles The following article is a guide to create profiles for the installed video card to optimize it for different applications, namely working on the desktop and gaming. The problem with running a video card in Windows is that ... (view more)

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Make Decorative Text: MS Word

You're about to start your first novel -- "Once upon a time..." Those beginning words just beg to have fancy lettering to evoke the feeling of your story don't they? Word has two features that let you create interesting lettering that goes beyond ... just changing the font and size. Those features are WordArt and Drop Caps. WordArt is an element of Word that allows you to define the shape, fill and text of decorative text -- everything from rainbow-colored and shaped words to the gleam of chrome on 3-D block letters. Many predefined effects are available for you to choose from, but you can ... (view more)

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