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Convert MP3 audio CD to cassette?

Die-hard Infopackets Reader 'Avey' writes: " Dear Dennis, I have created an audio CD of all my favorite songs on 1 disc in MP3 format. I want to convert this MP3 CD to cassette for my car stereo, as my car does not have a CD player. I normally use ... my portable radio (which also has a CD player) to record my audio CDs directly to cassette, but for whatever reason, it will not play my MP3 CD that I made. I have used store-bought [regular] audio CDs and converted them with my radio without any problem in the past. I am desperately trying to find a way to transfer my MP3s on CD to cassette so ... (view more)

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Converting Records and Cassettes to CD

To me, Christmas time means reminiscing with great holiday songs from the past. Each year I visit my folks, it's customary to hear the sweet melodies of Bing Crosby played on the record player. For some, the static and the pops heard while a record ... plays are part of the nostalgia. However, the truth is that over time, records and cassette tapes deteriorate and the quality of sound diminishes. Dealing with Digital Media on a regular basis, quite often I'm asked how to convert records and cassettes to a more versatile format. Converting old records and cassettes to digital formats is a labor of ... (view more)

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How to record an audio cassette to CD

Tom S. asks: " I have some old cassette tapes I would like to put on CD using my computer's CD burner. How do I hook the cassette player to the CD burner to get the best audio quality? " My Response: Audio quality with respect to a cassette tape ... recorded to a CD will only be as good as the source (tape) and the equipment used to read the tape and input it to the computer ... and of course, the ability to modify the digital recording in order to improve sound. Two great reasons for recording your analog tapes to digital might include: a) wear and tear: digital media doesn't lose its ... (view more)

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