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How to Fix: Can't run Command Prompt as Admin (Win8)

Infopackets Reader Dave T. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently installed Windows 8.1 on my netbook and downloaded all the updates which took almost 2 days to complete. Towards the end there was a slew of failed updates which did not install; one of ... them which was a cumulative patch for Internet Explorer. I read that to fix the issue I need to open a command prompt as Administrator user and then run 'sfc /scannow' to fix the failed updates, but I cannot seem to run cmd.exe as the Administrator user. When I try and run 'sfc /scannow', I get the error message that 'You must be an administrator ... (view more)

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Leaked Screenshots Reveal More About Windows 9

Screenshots of Windows 9 have leaked to the press and they show an operating system (OS) that's a substantial step away from the controversial Windows 8. Windows 9, which is currently code-named Threshold , is expected to launch later this year, ... with a technical preview expected sometime in October. Screenshots Confirm Start Button Returning Experts speculate that Microsoft will blend the best elements of Windows 7 and 8 together, and graft them onto the classic desktop found in Windows 7. Leaked screenshots show that Windows 9 will likely have a Start Menu of sorts - something which was ... (view more)

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