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Google Tablet Rivals iPad with Cloud, Open Source

It's rumored that Google is close to launching its own rival for the Apple iPad tablet device. Google's tablet computer will reportedly blend an e-reader with the multi-functional and very popular Android operating system (OS). Google Opts For ... Android Operating System The choice of operating system is certainly a surprising one, given that Google has been pushing its own Chrome OS, due sometime this year. The reason the Chrome OS won't be a part of Google's tablet is actually pretty simple: Chrome will be extremely slim, offering only minimal software support and the Chrome Internet browser. ... (view more)

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Report: Google Readying 7-Second PC Start-Up Software

Google appears on the verge of releasing software capable of starting up a PC as fast as a television set. The speedy start up software is said to be linked with the Google Chrome operating system designed for computers that perform the bulk of ... their workload over the Internet. According to Sundar Pichai, vice-president of product management for Google's Chrome OS, netbooks running the Chrome OS will be able to start in less than 7 seconds. (Source: ) Imitating the TV Experience The idea is to mirror that of the television set experience. "From the time you press boot you want it ... (view more)

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Google's Chrome OS Set to Revolutionize Netbooks

Recently Google announced its Chrome operating system for netbooks, the mini laptops that have revolutionized computing in this pesky recession of ours. The slim, streamlined OS is intended to help the performance of these tiny systems, and it could ... solidify the search giant's place in the software universe. It's safe to say that netbooks are here to stay. Initially dismissed as PC-inspired toys that couldn't possibly replace more powerful 15.4" or 14" laptops, these systems, made by titanic hardware producers like Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, and Acer, have cemented their place in the tech world ... (view more)


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