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Report: CIA Hacking Smart TVs, Listening In

Leaked documents suggest the CIA has a program for spying on people through home devices such as Smart TVs. However, it appears such attacks are highly targeted and often require physical access to the TVs. The claims come through a batch of 8,761 ... documents released by WikiLeaks, which says they come from the CIA. That agency has yet to comment on their authenticity and have not yet been independently verified. The documents are said to detail some of the tactics the CIA have used to improve digital surveillance. The overall message is that the agency appears to be concentrating more on ... (view more)

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Renowned 'LulzSec' Hacker Could Walk Free

The United States government has recommended the court trying world-renowned hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur -- better known as " Sabu " -- show leniency. It's a controversial recommendation that could see the hacker walk out of court a free man later ... this week. Monsegur has been in custody since 2011. He was once was a part of international hacking group LulzSec , which carried out a series of cyber crimes against major corporations, such as Sony. The group has also waged hacking campaigns against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the U.S. Senate, and Infragard, a security ... (view more)

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Amazon to Create $600M Private Network for CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has agreed to pay Amazon $600 million over the next ten years. However, the CIA isn't purchasing books or DVDs -- instead, it's buying access to Amazon's massive, private data system. The deal is with Amazon's ... Web Services department, which already offers cloud computing to individuals and businesses. Cloud computing doesn't simply mean offering online storage, but also online data processing. The Amazon cloud service works on a pay-as-you-go basis. This makes it ideal for organizations that need data processed intermittently rather than all the time. ... (view more)

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