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Report: Most Password Managers Not Secure

Security researchers say some major password manager tools could be flawed. But they also say it's still sensible to use them, just with a degree of caution. It's a fact that using the same password for multiple sites is a massive security risk. ... That's because if one site gets hacked, it could mean that hackers can use the same password on another website to gain access to potentially sensitive information, resulting in identity theft or financial loss. Password manager tools (such as Roboform and Dashlane ) aim to overcome two big dilemmas with online passwords - which is keeping passwords ... (view more)

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'Arasan 17.2', and 'Dashlane 2.4.1'

Arasan 17.2 Arasan is a unique chess program for the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms. It comes equipped with an opening book of 400,000 moves, making it perfect for learning new chess strategies that will give you an advantage over your ... opponents. http://arasanchess.org/ Dashlane 2.4.1 Managing passwords can be a pain. Dashlane can help by securely maintaining all of your passwords in one central location. Dashlane lets you automatically sign into all of your favorite websites, keeping your data safe while saving you oodles of time. https://www.dashlane.com/ (view more)

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Password Study: Most Sites Inadequate On Security

A new study reviewed security among leading online companies following the Heartbleed bug scare, in which a commonly used encryption technique for secure websites had the capability to expose highly confidential data. The study comes from Dashlane, ... a password management firm. The study evaluated 80 web sites and examined 6 factors with regard to the way passwords and login processes are handled. Using these details, Dashlane ranked each site between +100 and minus -100. Based on a range of security issues, the study suggests Apple and Microsoft have the securest policies for passwords, while ... (view more)

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'NetGear Genie', and 'Dashlane 1.7.8'

NetGear Genie This program provides you with a number of useful tools for monitoring, managing, and repairing your home or business network. Meanwhile, its 'My Media' feature allows you to play music and video files from anywhere in your ... network. http://www.netgear.com Dashlane 1.7.8 Having a hard time keeping track of your many different passwords? Then check out Dashlane, a password manager for the Android mobile operating system. It safely stores your data and then automatically fills log-in and password forms for you upon visiting a trusted site. http://www.dashlane.com This ... (view more)

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'Coreinfo 3.05', and 'Dashlane 1.4.1'

Coreinfo 3.05 Coreinfo is a free command-line utility program that shows you the internal mapping in your computer between software-driven "logical" processors and the machine's physical processor. The program uses Windows' ... GetLogicalProcessorInformation function to obtain this information and then displays it on your computer's screen. Coreinfo is useful for gaining insight into the innards of your computer, specifically the processor and cache topology of your system. http://technet.microsoft.com Dashlane 1.4.1 Dashlane encrypts the personal info stored on a computer, and makes it ... (view more)

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