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Anonymous PayPal Hackers Jailed in UK

Two men claiming to belong to the loosely-organized international 'hacktivist' group Anonymous have now been sentenced to jail terms in England. The men were convicted of carrying out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in support of ... WikiLeaks. The convicted men include 22-year-old Christopher Weatherhead and 28-year-old Ashley Rhodes. They were found guilty of conspiring to impair the operation of computers. Weatherhead received an 18-month jail term, while Rhodes was sentenced to seven months behind bars. (Source: bbc.co.uk ) PayPal 'Stung' by DDoS Attack According to British ... (view more)

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Anonymous Seeks Obama's Approval for DDoS Attacks

Hacktivist group Anonymous is reportedly seeking approval from the United States government for its politically-motivated hacking activities. The shadowy organization recently submitted a petition to U.S. President Barack Obama seeking his 'thumbs ... up' for the group's future distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Specifically, Anonymous wants President Obama to recognize DDoS attacks as a legal form of protest. Anonymous: Nothing Illegal About DDoS Anonymous claims that such attacks should not be considered illegal hacking. Instead, the group believes that kind of behavior should be ... (view more)

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