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Apple Finds Monopoly Class-Action Charges Not a Game

On behalf of all Florida residents, Frederick Black recently filed charges against media mogul Apple, Inc for monopolizing the digital video and music industry. The three formal counts charged against the organization include violation of Florida ... Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practice Act, attempted monopolization in violation of the Florida Antitrust Act, and monopolization in violation of the Florida Antitrust Act. While the media has focused mainly on the company's recent release of the much lauded iPhone and unprecedented stock growth, this suit serves as a bitter reality check. Three hotels ... (view more)

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PhotoRecovery for Digital Media Review

Synopsis: Have you snapped dozens -- or even hundreds! -- of precious moments with your digital camera, only to find out that your digital media is corrupt and you cannot download your photos to your computer? In the past, there was very little hope ... of ever reclaiming the lost media; in fact, the only recourse was to format the digital media and start over ... but not any more! Introducing PhotoRecovery for Digital Media: an easy-to-use application that was designed to recover images, movies, and sound files from all types of Digital Media! Simply insert your Digital Film into the reader, and ... (view more)

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Digital Media Converter Review

With so many different audio and video formats circulating the Internet, keeping track of which media player plays which format is almost a next-to-impossible task. For example: .MOV files are made with Apple QuickTime, and won't play in Windows ... Media Player; QuickTime player (which plays .MOV files) won't play DivX movies, and RealAudio and RealVideo files won't play in either QuickTime or Windows Media Player. To top it all off, none of the above mentioned formats will play on a portable .WMA (Windows Media Audio) device. Confused yet? Audio and video files generally contain content meant ... (view more)

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