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Google Exposes Severe Windows Flaw Before Fix Due

Microsoft has publicly lashed out at Google for revealing a severe security flaw in Windows 8.1 before it was able to release a fix. The public disclosure has reawakened a longstanding dispute about how to go about reporting security flaws. Comments ... on Google's website suggest that the same bug also affects Windows 7 Professional 64bit, with Service Pack 1; if true, it's equally likely the bug also affects other earlier versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows XP, which is no longer supported by Microsoft and will therefore remain unpatched. The bug involves the way ... (view more)

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AOL 9.0 Accused of Being 'Badware'

It seems that AOL can't turn around these days without stepping into some sort of controversy. Bad news , more bad news , and customer service tactics reminiscent of the Mafia have plagued the company in recent months. The latest fiasco: The most ... recent version of AOL 9.0 is now being tagged as "badware" (malware) by StopBadware.org. The malware-prevention website is a joint project between Harvard Law School and Oxford University. (Source: betanews.com ) StopBadware.org posted this notice about the latest incarnation of AOL 9.0: "In our preliminary findings, we find that AOL 9.0 (free ... (view more)

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Information Technology Abuse -- Privacy Issues (Part 2 of 2)

Abstract This article is a continuation of last week's issue of the Infopackets Gazette. This article presents an overview of current privacy issues, discusses potential methods in which an individual's privacy may be jeopardized, and examines ... specific countermeasures that can be used to protect private information. Information Technology Abuse -- Privacy Issues (Part 1 of 2) -- Third Layer: Firewalls, Web Filters, and Tracking Detection Firewalls: Any computer system that accesses the Internet should be equipped with a firewall to enable the user to detect and prevent unauthorized access to ... (view more)

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