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'Chromium 16.0.901.0', and 'Dolphin Text Editor Menu 2.8'

Chromium 16.0.901.0 Chromium is an open source web browser that was designed in order to provide for all users a safer, faster, and more stable way to experience the web. In the long term, we think of Chromium as a tabbed window manager or shell for ... the web rather than a browser application. We avoid putting things into our UI in the same way you would hope that Apple and Microsoft would avoid putting things into the standard window frames of applications on their operating systems. Dolphin Text Editor Menu 2.8 Add extra formatting / sorting to any text editor, ... (view more)

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'Dolphin Text Editor Menu 1.9', and 'FirefoxDownloadsView 1.1'

Dolphin Text Editor Menu 1.9 Dolphin Text Editor Menu expands the functionality of any text editor. It doesn't replace your current text editors -- it makes them better. Dolphin Text Editor Menu will work with any software where you can type ... sentences or paragraphs. This includes Visual Studio, OpenOffice Writer, MS Word, memo-boxes in Firefox, Notepad, Wordpad, HTML / PHP editors, and more. FirefoxDownloadsView 1.1 This utility displays the list of the latest files that you downloaded with Firefox. For every download record, the following information is ... (view more)

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