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Shady Lawyers Uploaded Movies, Sued Downloaders

Two lawyers have been jailed for five and fourteen years respectively for an online copyright scam. The pair uploaded adult material with the specific aim of suing those who downloaded it. John Steele and Eric Hansmeir have been convicted on fraud ... and money laundering charges for their activities as "Prenda Law." The pair bought the rights to adult films and even produced their own material. They then uploaded it to file sharing sites and waited until people downloaded it. $3,000 Settlements Accepted Prenda Law then got court orders for Internet service providers to identify the ... (view more)

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ISP Owner Berates RIAA for New Copyright Protection Strategy

Recently, the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) stated it would no longer pursue its fruitless strategy of prosecuting individuals for copyright infringement . Instead, it plans to put more pressure on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) ... for weeding out high-bandwidth downloaders. Well, now ISPs have responded to that pressure by berating the RIAA for ignoring the expensive costs Internet providers must incur to pursue suspected peer-to-peer downloaders. Granted, although finding and shutting off downloaders saves ISPs necessary bandwidth space, the hunt is not a cheap one. The ... (view more)

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