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Scientists Building Chip That Mimics Our Brains

There's no denying that computers -- whether they're in desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet form -- are becoming both more powerful and complex. Most of the smartphones on the market today are far faster than the desktop PCs we used just a few ... years ago. Still, researchers aren't convinced that today's cutting-edge computers are a match for the highly-adaptive human brain. But that could soon change, thanks to the work of a Boise State University research team. Electrical and computer engineering faculty at the school are currently using a three-year $500,000 National Science Foundation ... (view more)

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New Electrical Outlet Self-Ejects Idle Devices

Leaving electrical appliances plugged in to power outlets, but unattended, has long been an energy-drain issue for some individuals. High electricity costs, coupled with countless instances of accidental electrical fires, have now given rise to a ... new socket design that unplugs devices without any prompting. Electrical Socket Ejects Devices After Ten Idle Minutes Called the "PumPing Tap", the spring-loaded electrical socket detects current flowing through it and releases the plug when an electrical device is left idle. The new outlet is primarily intended to conserve energy, and is a great ... (view more)

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