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Apple Denies Steve Jobs Fixed E-Book Prices

Last month the United States Department of Justice (DoJ) announced it was suing Apple and major publishers like Penguin and Macmillan for fixing the price of electronic books, or e-books. It has taken some time, but Apple has now responded to that ... suit by denying any involvement in e-book price fixing. In April, the DoJ said that Apple and at least five publishers colluded to increase the price of electronic books, starting in early 2010. The DoJ dated the beginning of this collusion to roughly the same time the Cupertino, California-based technology firm was preparing to launch its now very ... (view more)

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Virtual eBooks Now A Gift-Giving Option

Electronic reading devices (or E-Readers) such as Amazon's Kindle are not just best-sellers, but also the most-requested items on automated online shopping wish-lists. However, until now it's not been possible to buy electronic books as a gift. ... Instead, users could only pay for gift vouchers. That's changed with two leading companies offering gifting options for eBooks. The first to launch the feature was Kobo, a Canadian company that originally started as an electronic books retail website, but later launched its own portable reading devices, stocked in stores such as Borders and Indigo / ... (view more)

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Google Enters Electronic Book Market

Google is set to challenge online retail giant Amazon by selling contemporary electronic books. And unlike Amazon, it will let publishers set the prices. The move is a new development for the Google Book Search scheme, in which the firm scans texts ... so that users can search for particular phrases. While Google does intend to bring in paid access for full editions of some books covered by Book Search, the vast majority of titles in the scheme are either out of print or out of copyright. At the moment, most modern books included in the scheme only have 20 per cent of their pages available for ... (view more)

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