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How to Fix: Block Bitcoin Email Spam (Regex, Postfix)

Infopackets Reader Sam G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I came across your website while researching a postfix question. I am also a Linux systems administrator. As of late our organization has been bombarded with scam emails from 'hackers' purporting to ... have hacked our email accounts and PCs, and are demanding $800 in the form of bitcoin ('hush money') to keep things quiet. Is there any way to block all emails with bitcoin wallet requests? I would say 9.9 times out of 10, any bitcoin wallet money request through email is a scam. " My response: For the record this same bitcoin scam email is being ... (view more)

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Explained: How to Send and Receive Encrypted Emails (Easily!)

Infopackets Reader Tom G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am trying to send encrypted email to a friend using MS Outlook . To do so, I purchased a digital certificate from Comodo, then imported the certificate into Outlook. I could send my friend digitally ... signed messages which he could read and reply to. He could send me digitally signed and encrypted messages, which I could read and reply to. However, I could not generate an encrypted message; I could only reply to his. I could not create an encrypted message from scratch. When attempting to initiate an encrypted message, I was told ' Microsoft ... (view more)

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Download and Save Emails to USB Drive?

Infopackets Reader 'ltb223' writes: " Dear Dennis, Is it possible to download all my email messages from my computer to a CD or a thumb drive so I can read them later? If so how do I go about it? My email account is with gmail. Thank you. " My ... response: There are a number of ways to go about downloading and archiving email messages (whether it's gmail, hotmail, aol, or yahoo); in general, there are two main ways to achieve this: you can either export emails via web interface if your email service supports it, or export emails using an email client if you use pop3 or imap to connect and read ... (view more)

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