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'Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Service Pack 2 (SP2)', and 'Flutter 0.5.2'

Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Microsoft Expression Encoder is a free Windows software tool that allows advanced users to encode video and audio files. It's also a live-broadcasting application that provides you with feature ... support and updates while using Microsoft Silverlight. If you need these kinds of capabilities, this is a good way to go. http://www.microsoft.com Flutter 0.5.2 This cutting-edge software tool allows you to interact with your Mac or Windows computer by using only hand gestures. For example, it can be configured to play, stop, and fast-forward DVDs ... (view more)

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'Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition', and 'Instant Memory Cleaner'

Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition Beta 1 is an exciting new addition to the Windows Media tools family. It is a powerful tool for video professionals, optimized for the creation of high-quality offline ... encoding using Microsoft's implementation of the VC-1 video standard (WMV9). Windows Media Encoder Studio Edition Beta 1 provides the key features necessary to create next-generation video content and capitalize on the growing importance of scenarios around optical media and video-on-demand. With the final standardization of VC-1, "Studio Edition, ... (view more)

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