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How to Fix: 'Windows Setup has Failed to Validate the Product Key' Error

Infopackets Reader Jill G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a Windows 7 Pro machine that we use at work which has a broken Windows Update. I have tried to do an 'upgrade repair' in hopes of fixing the issue, but the Windows installer exits immediately. ... The major issue we're facing is that our Windows 7 machine has new user accounts on it which we did not create - we suspect that it has become compromised because it has not downloaded Windows Updates in over a year. From what I read online, it is possible to upgrade from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 8 Pro (not 8.1!) which will keep my programs and ... (view more)

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Microsoft Exec: Google Not 'Serious' About Enterprise

Google says it's preparing to challenge Microsoft in the corporate market by offering more accessible business programs than Microsoft's highly popular Office suite of productivity software. However, Microsoft executives say they're not worried ... about Google stealing the software giant's enterprise customers any day soon. They're apparently responding to a recent interview in which Google vice president Amit Singh said his company intends to lure business users away from Microsoft Office. To do that, Singh indicated that Google will offer business software that is easier to use than Microsoft' ... (view more)

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Windows 8 Interface Alienates Enterprise: Report

According to a new report, just one in four enterprise users are planning to upgrade to Microsoft's new Windows 8 any time soon. In fact, these users are only half as excited about Windows 8 as they were about Windows 7 in 2009. Enterprise software ... is used in large organizations, such as private corporations and government agencies. A huge part of Microsoft's Windows revenue depends on these kinds of organizations buying Windows licenses in bulk. Only 24% of Enterprise Users Plan to Upgrade to Windows 8 That's why it's bad news to hear that of 1,200 North American and European information ... (view more)

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'Sourceforge Enterprise Edition', and 'Prcview'

Sourceforge Enterprise Edition Bring the powerful collaborative development capabilities of SourceForge behind your firewall. Monitor the status of your software projects. Find out what your offsite developers are doing. Access all important project ... documentation and information in a central repository. Manage software changes efficiently through integration with Subversion, CVS, and other development tools. Search across various software projects. Free for 15 or fewer seats. http://sourceforge.net/powerbar/sfee/Prcview PrcView is a process viewer utility that displays detailed information ... (view more)

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